toczenie frezowanie cnc warszawa

About us

We are a dynamically developing company operating in the metal and plastic processing industry. We manufacture high-quality turned and milled parts using the CNC-technology. Our employees are highly qualified, and we do our best to gradually improve their skills by means of specialised courses and training. At your request, we can manufacture single parts/components, or run a large-scale production. Our rich experience in the industry results in products and services of top quality, which can be confirmed by our satisfied customers and partners.

Most new customers find out about our company thanks to the recommendations from our satisfied customers, who had the opportunity to work with us before. What makes us different from the rest of the industry, is the professionalism of our services at every stage of works, attractive prices, individual and flexible approach to our customers, and of course our reliability. We approach every task with great care, ensuring compliance with applicable norms and regulations, putting great emphasis on the quality of the final product and its consistency with the design. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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